Karaoke-dokey Day 8 June 15, 2013


DAY 8 – June 15th – Back at Boston’s!     img_5300_0049

by Rachel Enger

Okay, my blog post about Day One, kicking this project off at Boston’s included a detail that didn’t happen until this time at Boston’s, one week later. I got confused. I’ll admit it, and if I think it’s worth the trouble, I’ll go correct/edit that first post. At the risk of being repetitive, I’ll include that info here.

There’s not much more I can say about Boston’s that I haven’t already posted on Day One. It is my favorite Saturday hang-out, as much for the karaoke, as for the company. Alyssa (aka Trinity) is the KJ, and there are usually regulars there that have become my friends. This night there were a few regulars, and they brought their friends too.

This is the part that may seem repetitive:

It was Nickname night at Boston’son Day 8 (not Day 1!).

I arrived a little after 9 pm.  After I got caught up on everyone’s nicknames, I gave Alyssa the name Delisha. Bosco is a nickname, but he tries on a new one, Magic Bob. I am still Rac Hellion (trying to make it stick!). Travis is Travka (an old nickname from his past during which time he drank a lot of vodka perhaps…kind of hard to believe, NOT!)  Suze trots out an old nickname of hers, St. Jizzle.

Weird thing about nicknames is we all seem to have some lurking from the past, but unused for so long. Another weird thing is among these people, several already go by something other than their name. You can be anyone you want to be, we’re told. Apparently, it’s true!

Someone new to our party has the nickname Danger. Why, I’m not sure. She doesn’t look particularly dangerous. And Staci doesn’t want a nickname, so be it. Alyssa’s friend Erik she has named Buzzkillington – and this time the nickname makes sense. He always sings very sad, depressing songs. We teased him a bit while he was singing, that we would off ourselves. Gesturing with gun to the head, noose around the neck, and the like. Making light of suicide and singing, yeah, that’s what we do. Very sensitive.

The Songs:

I was able to sing several songs. I sang  Madonna’s Like a Prayer and was very happy with it. I had worked on this one at home, and was taking the delivery of it very seriously, trying to get the tone quality and nuances just right. Not something that everyone appreciates at karaoke. Meh.Travis kept dancing around with abandon. Which is not only awesome, but not that unusual. I just get distracted easily when I’m trying to concentrate. Sorry, Travis. He takes his joy and abandon to another part of the bar.

Then I am asked to sing another Madonna song, Borderline. Another one I’ve never sung at karaoke before, and had not practiced at home. However, I’ve certainly sung it enough just chiming in with the radio. Like everyone else on the planet, right? Now the whole crowd is dancing up a storm. Really fun! But I’m trying to get all the words and notes right, so I stand a little apart from all the beautiful revelry. Perfectionist, anyone?

Finally, the song is done, and I think I pulled it off! But it wouldn’t matter, it was an absolute crowd pleaser. I will definitely sing more Madonna – during this challenge and beyond. Not only are the songs well received, but they are an absolute pleasure to sing. I also sang Harden My Heart, a song I hadn’t heard in years, until Day 5 at Bill Johynson’s the Big Apple. and Zombie (by the Cranberries) which was another request.

I was having a great time. Hell, we were all having an absolutely wonderful time.  However, our goal is to visit a different place each night. We couldn’t stay. I had also told the KJ at Doc ‘n Eddy’s (Kelsey) that I would be there that night. And had posted my schedule on FaceBook, and I mustn’t make a liar out of FaceBook. I reluctantly left my pals and Alyssa and went to Doc ‘n Eddy’s. Bosco came with me, but Suze went had an important engagement – a late night birthday bash with awesomely fun theatre people. Otherwise, no doubt, she would join me in the next phase of the adventures. 

Doc ‘n Eddy’s:


We arrived at about 11:40 pm, and I stayed until karaoke was done, at 1:45 am. 

My friend Lisa was already there and had brought a friend too. Both had been drinking, and had been there a while, which was confusing to me. Not that they had had a few, but that had been looking for me at Doc ‘n Eddy’s instead of Boston’s.  Weird.

Nevermind. It’s all good. We were here now, together. We were hanging out, drinking, looking through the binders. There was, however, barely enough time to get in one song.  I asked Kelsey if she would sing a duet with me. Sure! We sang Just Give Me a Reason – and yes, I know. I’ve sung it before, but had to think of something fast, to get a duet done that night. Following one rule led me to break another rule. Damn!  Plus, shucks, I do love singing it. And Kelsey is an awesome person to sing a duet with. She rocks!


Me and Lisa

Who’s there?

A few of the Doc ‘n Eddy’s regulars were there, including Brian and Sarai. Doc ‘n Eddy’s is a really down-to-earth place, with its own set of regulars. I’m learning this is true of most bars.

I used to come here often, before discovering Boston’s, on Saturday nights. The karaoke doesn’t start until 10 pm, but it goes later (until 1:45 am). There are usually more singers than Boston’s, and more drunks. I think it attracts more of the ASU crowd, although ironically Boston’s is closer to ASU. I think it’s the bar atmosphere, at Doc ‘n Eddy’s, that makes it more a favorite of frat party types. It can get crazy at times.

Doc n Eddy’s has an area I think of as the karaoke pit. A few steps down, and you’ve entered this “pit”, which has about five tables with comfortable chairs, and an open area that can be used for dancing or as a stage. Our sweet KJ Kelsey sits in one corner at her console, with a monitor above, and a huge drop down screen to her left facing the crowd. Many people face the screen to read the words, with their backs to everyone. I like to stand off to the side and face the crowd, glancing at the screen as necessary. Such a ham, I have become. Who knew?

 How is it?

There is always a drunken but chill atmosphere throughout Doc ‘n Eddy’s, but especially in the pit. The karaoke pit is off to the left and down a few steps as you enter the front door. The entire place is expansive, and seems to go on and on. If you continue on from the front door, you’ll find the bar off to the right. There are more tables and chairs, and an area with several pool tables way in the back of the joint. Leading back beyond our pit, a few steps up, there is another area with more tables and chairs, for viewing from above.  Many of the karaoke singers and their friends sit in this area, as you can see everything. There is also a large patio out in front of the bar. Bar food is served, and the kitchen is open late. It’s sometimes difficult to get service, especially in the pit. Only slightly easier if you wait your turn at the bar. Once in a while you’ll get lucky and see a server come by. Then they take care of you pretty well.

Maybe not all would agree, but I like it here. It is a very chill place, with a relaxed mood, and very funny drunks. Sometimes I regret that I have to choose between Doc ‘n Eddy’s and Boston’s on a Saturday night. I think maybe I could start early at Boston’s and bounce back and forth between my two faves. I could get almost five hours of singing in! (From 9 pm – 1:45 am) Right? No, that’s crazy talk. Right??


One thing you should know is it gets busy at Doc ‘n Eddy’s and there’s no telling when. It can start slow, like any place any night, and really pick up after 11 pm. That night Kelsey got me on the list, and that was cool. Then I hung around even after most of my friends had left and just hung out to listen to the remaining singers, and chat with Kelsey.  Also, the crowd of karaoke fans at Doc n’ Eddy’s is really supportive, boisterous and fun. Oh, and usually, pretty drunk too.

Then at 1:41 am the last singer in the rotation has sung. Kelsey’s asked everyone else from the list if they had one more, but no…and there’s time, she says, “for a three minute song”. So, I suggest At Last (Etta James), and am able to close out this Saturday night singing at Doc ‘n Eddy’s. Awesome.

It’s hella fun there. Thanks Kelsey, and thanks to all the drunken karaoke friends for the good times.


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    • 1) I don’t know how it is that your comments automatically get posted, but for other people’s comments, WordPress notifies me and prompts me to approve.
      2) I do forget some stuff. It’s all a fuckin’ blur after a while.
      3) I wondered why you didn’t join us at Doc n Eddy’s that night. Good to know.
      And 4) I fixed it! (maybe that should have been #1)

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