Day 5 – June 12, 2013

img_5237_0118Stevie and Suzer


Karaoke-dokey Day 5 – June 12th at Bill Johnson’s The Big Apple in Glendale

Only Day 5 and this is when the fatigue started to kick in. This is the day I started to feel a sore throat and feared worse, a cold. How will I conquer this project, how will I last another 17 days? It’s only Day 5!

Suze and I went to the Big Apple in Glendale because she knows someone who works there, but he wasn’t there. No matter, it turns out the KJ remembered Suze from a couple theater events. We were joined by Stevie, who lives on the northwest side of town. We had a good time, all three of us singing that night. However. we didn’t really stay long. We arrived about 8 pm, and left after a couple hours.

Karaoke is held in the bar section of this huge restaurant. I didn’t get a look at the restaurant itself, but the building – and the entrance, the signs, and the doors – are all enormous. I didn’t see an apple – of any size or proportion – anywhere, however.

The bar is rectangular shaped, and it has a small elevated stage at one end of the narrow room, next to which sits the KJ. Tonight it was Jason MacDonald, and the karaoke provider was Dwayne Oliverson’s company. The songs are available in binders, and singers write their selections on slips of paper, to give to the KJ. There were about 10 – 15 singers in rotation while we were there. Jason ably handled the rotation, and it was a very smooth-running, no frills show.

If you are thinking about going to Bill Johnson’s the Big Apple, please note, during karaoke times, it’s happy hour all night! This means terrific drink and appetizer specials.

We sat at a long table near the front, facing the stage. There were many other tables to the side, and leading to the back of the narrow room. The atmosphere was low-key. There seemed to be a number of regulars there. Some older folks, including a couple with their binders full of karaoke CDs. Some younger folks were hanging out by the bar. As the singers took the stage, I noted gladly that many of the renditions were very sincere, even enthusiastic. There was a cheerful mood, and yet not given much to cheering. I didn’t care, these singers deserved some rousing encouragement. I was happy to oblige.

20130612_214242              img_5240_0069

It was great to have Stevie along, as this was my first chance to meet her. This was also the night when the Suzer rules were first forged. In keeping with the rules, I sang a duet – Mocking Bird (James Taylor and Carly Simon) – with Suze, and there was dancing. I also vowed not to repeat any more songs from here on out.  I sang two other songs: Rolling in the Deep (Adele), and Sara (Fleetwood Mac).

What with the giant fans blowing cold air upon me, and all the talking, cheering, and singing along with everyone, I was starting to feel irritation in my throat. I knew that tomorrow needed to be a restful day, with hot herbal tea, and taking it easy on my vocal chords. It hit me all at once – feeling tired and sick. I can’t abandon the project, I thought. But I can’t continue while sick and rough up my voice even worse. So the only thing to do was to get better. And fast! because…

Day 6 will be here tomorrow!


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