Day 15 – June 22, 2013

Karaoke-dokey Day 15 at the Woodshed I in Tempe

by Rachel Enger

Suze, Teresa and I spent some time at the Woodshed in Tempe, and were joined this night by Brian and his bevy of beauties (Megan, Sarai, and…?)  Also, a friend of Teresa’s, DJ, met us there. Everyone attending the Karaoke Project event – except DJ – sang, and made up most of the rotation that night.

My friend Brian admitted to me that he has not read this blog. He has looked at it, but not read it. Too many words. So I’m going to try something different this time. I can’t supply charts, graphs, diagrams, or numerical analyses, like engineer and science types love, but I will try to put the night’s events in bullet form. It may go easier for me, actually, as these verbose narratives tend to take time to write.

  • The Woodshed I is a divey bar, with bar food, mostly fried, and a well-tended and well-stocked bar with good drinks. You do have to go up to the bar for service of any kind – food or drinks.
  • The servers behind the bar were friendly and capable. The bouncer, Dodger, was very friendly, attentive, and seemed as if he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
  • There are two pool tables, in use most of the night.
  • The karaoke service is by Activsound, and our KJ for the night was the sultry Maggie, with a smoky voice and a jaded attitude. Maggie didn’t do much singing that night, due to not feeling well, but after every few songs, she regaled us with editorial comments about the songs or whatever. She also shared personal asides about the challenges she’s facing in life. Interesting.
  • It took a while to get started (a little after 10 pm), and there were a few sound and technical issues. Not much monitoring of sound levels during the show.
  • Also, Maggie’s system for rotation consists of you tell her what song you want to sing, and she’ll look it up. You keep trying until you find one. But she’ll only put in one song for you at a time. She doesn’t write anything down or keep a list going. This can be frustrating for singers, and songs they thought Maggie had input into her console were “lost” every time they put a new song in.
  • There are also binders of the songs available.
  • After one rotation, of about 12 singers, there was an intermission. Not sure why.
  • Like most karaoke places, the crowd (of about fifty or so) was boisterous and friendly. Most of the people in the bar were not singing, but all seemed to be having a great time.
  • What did I sing at the Woodshed I? I put a spell on you (the CCR version), The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel) with Teresa, and Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O’Connor). We left before I had a chance to sing a song request (True Colors, Cyndi Lauper).

We cut out at about midnight, and headed over to Boston’s, where I expected to see some folks I knew. Also, I thought there was a good chance I’d get another song or two in. I was both wrong and right. The place was practically empty. Alyssa was so glad to see us, we three doubled her singers for the night from three to six. I sang two more songs.

  • Everybody Hurts (REM): I was joined by Teresa and Suzer doing some kind of ethereal back up, and we nailed it! So awesome, best moment of the night. Friendship, I’m telling you. We were wrapped together in one embrace, singing into one microphone…and the last chord of the song, beautiful! Just beautiful. Thanks ladies!
  • Atomic (Blondie): okay, I’ve sung this before and sounded good. This night, not so much. Brian said he’s never heard me fuck up a song yet. Nice compliment. I’m just gad that he wasn’t at Boston’s to hear my Atomic, because it wasn’t pretty. No worries. I won’t lose any sleep over it. It’s karaoke!

This blog post, I’ll admit, was not less verbose. This is still a lot of words, but you know what, that’s cool.

Stay tuned for more karaoke adventures!


2 thoughts on “Day 15 – June 22, 2013

  1. I do love to harmonize and even though I didn’t know the song at all (my knowledge of music other than musicals is sorely lacking), the three of us really did make something beautiful together!

  2. Thanks for the bullet points, Rachel. They helped.

    If I were to make a graph for that night, it would have something to do with how many times the KJ skipped my song. So disorganized! So not an engineer!

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